Amy Schumer & Judd Apatow Crash a Wedding in Ireland

Out of all the celebrities to have crash your wedding, you’d be pretty lucky to have Amy Schumer. And as was the case this weekend when the comedian and actress, joined by friend and director Judd Apatow, stopped by a Gorgans Pub in Dublin and found Eithne McAdams and J.P Swine celebrating their wedding with family and friends.

The wedding party was clearly excited, and according to one source the two spent a good amount of time getting to know the nuptuals as well as their friends and family– and even joined them at the table…. which, obviously, turned into a sing-along.

(Because what else would you do if you’re in Ireland and accidently stumble upon a wedding celebration?)

The song of choice was an old Irish one titled “Oul Triangle”– but if you’re not familiar with it, don’t feel bad… neither were Schumer or Apatow, though they did a considerably good job pulling it off.

Check out the video of the sing-along below:


We can only imagine what other hilarious shennanigans went on, considering Schumer and Apatow are two of the most talented comedians in the industry today. In case you were wondering, the two were in Ireland to promote their new movie Trainwreck (in theaters now).

[Lead image via YouTube]


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