A Breakup Guide to Getting Rid of An Ex's Stuff

We love it when our boyfriend surprises us with a new pair of heels, a super chic handbag and diamond studs, but what to do with it all once the relationship is kaput? For some, it’s easy to erase his existence by throwing all of his crap into a garbage bag, leaving it curbside and calling it a day. For others, who can stare at his pics for the next three months, it’s seriously time to move on.
Here’s what you can do with your ex’s stuff after a breakup:
1. Be the bigger person and offer to give it back. If he doesn’t want it, go HAM on it.
2. Draw all sorts of crazy sh*t all over the pics of you two, then shred them.
3. You can always put them away in a secret stash for better days, too.
4. If he bought you jewelry, make a few extra bucks by pawning it.
5. Or give it to your little cousin.
6. But before you do any of that, make sure it’s not something you’re going to kick yourself in the @$$ for down the road (diamond earrings = keep. No name bracelet you pretended to like from a brand that was hot eight years ago = toss).
7. Throw all of his clothes on your front lawn ~ a la Kourtney Kardashian ~ and hope he’ll somehow know they’re there and ready for pickup.
8. Donating them is another option.
9. All the souvenirs he bought you back while he traveled the world with his guy friends, sell at a garage sale.
10. Start a bonfire with the really ridiculous stuff he bought you that you just can’t stand to have in your life anymore.
11. If your relationship ended on bad terms, send any embarrassing items to his mom.
12. Post your “For Sale” stuff to his Facebook timeline.
13. If he cheated on you, mail your lingerie and sex toys to his new girlfriend’s house with a note that says, “You can’t do it like me, but you can try ;).”
14. Just let it collect dust in your room.
15. Return the stuff you pretended to like for something you actually do like.
16. But if he got you something you actually do like, then keep using it because why the hell not?!
17. Take every single thing he’s ever given you and piece-by-piece throw it into a garbage bag with a reason why you deserve better. Then chuck it in a nearby dumpster. Or donation bin.
18. Similarly, video yourself burning his stuff with reasons why you’re so over this relationship and again…post it to his timeline so people realize what a sc*mbag he really is.
19. Give some stuff to your 4-year-old niece to destroy because clearly she’s good at destroying everything she owns anyway.
20. If you have any of his clothes, give them to your landscaper and whatever he bought you, ask the landscaper if his wife would want it.
21. Repurpose them! Create your own DIY project with some of the stuff you don’t want/mind ripping apart.
How do you get rid of your ex’s stuff? Sound off in the comments!

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