23 Things You Just Don't Say to a Girl in a Relationship

Ever been in a relationship that your friends couldn’t stand? Or maybe one that lasted forever, which prompted your family to ask when the wedding was? Regardless of your relationship status, you’ve absolutely been asked or told these 23 things…and you hate it:

1. “You were a lot more fun before you started dating him!”

Is it because I’m not out clubbing with you every Friday night now? Or because we haven’t been out for drinks every Thursday of the month? Because as far as I’m concerned I’m still doing my thing…

2. “When am I going to see my BFF again?”

Riiiight. When you had a man and I was single, you totally went MIA on me, but now it’s a problem right?!

3. “Since you started dating him, I never hear from you.”

Sorry. That’s what happens when you have a boyfriend.

4. “Why are you with him?”

Thanks for your opinion, but it’s my choice to either stay with my boyfriend or breakup with him. K? Bye!

5. “You could do so much better!”


6. “Is he good in bed?”

What do you care if he’s good in bed? Do you plan on sleeping with him…or?

7. “How many times are you going to get back together before ending it for good?”

We breakup to makeup. What’s the big freakin’ deal!?

8. “Your boyfriend is HOT!”

Do you have a death wish?

9. “I think he’s cheating on you.”

Don’t even bother with this one because chances are, she won’t leave anyway. Just mind your biz.

10. “When’s the wedding?”

So…because it’s been five years you automatically assume we’re going to get married? Cool.

11. “Are you in love?”

Maybe, maybe not. I mean, I guess this isn’t a bad thing to ask, but when it’s a new relationship and people keep asking, it’s annoying.

12. “That’s exactly why I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Yeah, whatever. Obviously we’re going to fight, but we get over it and move on.

13. “Do you tell each other ‘I love you?'”

You’re going to sleep better tonight if I answer you, right?

14. “Why do you let him treat you like that?”

I mean…I don’t have an answer for you, because if I did, that question wouldn’t be asked obv. It just works, so I stay…

15. “He cheated on you and you’re still with him?”

Yeah, well…it’s easier said than done so we’re working on it. Thanks for giving a sh*t, but keep your comments to yourself.

16. “Can you breakup with him already?!”

You have to love when the people who don’t like your boyfriend set a count down for your breakup.

17. “How are you still in love?”

Okay, so you don’t hear this often, but yes, it’s been 11 years and miraculously we’re still going strong. It’s this little thing called compromise. It helps us move along in the relationship.

18. “Are you sure you’re not just wasting your time?”

Thank you so much for being considerate of my time for once in your life, but really? Leave me alone!

19. “OMG! You kinda look like his ex…”

…just to follow-up and say…”but you’re prettier.”

20. “You guys kinda look awkward together.”

Sorry we don’t look like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to you.

21. “You’re such a bitch! What does he see in you?!”

Kidding or not kidding, f*ck off!!! Clearly he finds in me what no one has found in you.

22. “If he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. This tale is as old as time.

23. “What do you see in him?”

I don’t know…maybe the fact that he’s handsome, independent, has a career, does his own clothes and pretty much everything your boyfriend’s mother still does for him, he does on his own.

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