Siri Just Saved This Teen's Life In The Most Amazing Way

Every iPhone user just knows that Siri can be the absolute worst, especially when you need it. Most times it just seems like it’s only good for mild entertainment when super bored. Let’s not forget the major sass she threw with the whole zero divided zero question.
But just recently, thanks to Siri, 18-year-old Tennessean Sam Ray’s life was saved.
According to the Huffington Post, Siri helped Sam out by calling 911 after his truck fell on him while he was making repairs on it.
Sam said that a jack collapsed and pinned him under almost 5,000 pounds of metal, in a place where he couldn’t be seen or heard. While he was trying to escape free, Siri got activated.
He said:

I said ‘call 911’ and that was all it said.

Unfortunately, Sam broke three of his ribs and has his kidney crushed because of the accident, but luckily, Siri was there to help him live to tell his tale and get him rushed to the hospital. Sam has expressed nothing but gratitude towards the voice recognition service and said:

I guess I’m stuck with an iPhone for the rest of my life. I owe them that.

You sure do, Sam. It definitely gives me a whole new appreciation towards Siri. Like Sam, I’m going to be #TeamiPhone for life!
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