People Are Doing Naughty Things To Nicki Minaj's Wax Figure

Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj (and her booty) were immortalized in wax figure form at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas. Just one small issue: the Nicki replica is positioned on all fours with her bum in the air, fashioned after a still from her “Anaconda” video. Naturally, some visitors to Madame Tussauds decided to treat it like a middle school field trip and pose with Miss Minaj in lewd ways.

Guess who called it? Azealia Banks. When she first saw Nicki’s wax figure, she took to Twitter to express her disgust with the position, asking “As much as that woman has accomplished, they had to put her on all fours… Why not standing up with a mic in her hand ???” Then she made this prediction.
Looks like Banks knows humans well.
The wax museum noticed the dirty pics and put out a statement that read:

We do have staff monitoring guest behavior in the attraction and do our utmost to ensure our wax figures are treated respectfully, but on this occasion clearly one of our hosts was not present.
We are taking immediate steps to ensure more staff are present in this area and that the set around this particular figure is redesigned so that a picture like this cannot be taken again.

Did Madame Tussauds seriously NOT see this coming? Guess they’ll need a new sign: Please don’t hump the statues.

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