20 Uses For Alcohol Besides Drinking It

You’re either preparing to go back to school or you’re already back. If you’re still on summer vacation (like me), you’re definitely giving your liver a pep-talk before stepping back onto campus. You flashback to freshman year when there was certainly more alcohol in the fridge than actually food and cringe, remembering the mornings afterwards where you sat, curled in bed, rocking back and forth from the worst hangover the world had ever seen.
But, college is awesome, right?
Parents Weekend rolls around sooner than you know it and your dorm room is a mess. You need a quick, easy clean up, but you don’t have the funds to clean up the disaster that is your desk, or the floor. Really anything.
But you know what you do have? Lots and lots of alcohol! Surprisingly enough, not only does alcohol have magic powers to induce severe-intoxication in us, but it also wields the power to clean, pamper and even treat medical issues!
Rite Aid, I never needed you anyway.


Your college’s fraternities’ aqua vitae.

1. Beer Spa Day

Beer is made up of antioxidants and contains skin-friendly ingredients that have smoothening and moisturizing qualities. In addition, the enzymes in beer act as a callus softener and promotes circulation.

2. Spring Cleaning

The acidity level in beer makes it perfect for polishing those filthy pots and pans you’ve collected after avoiding cleaning up the ramen mess you made three weeks before.

3. Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair with beer instead of soap leaves your hair shiny and soft. What’s not to love? Use flat beer in order to avoid the beer-scent.

4. Alcoholic Melatonin

The hops in beer have calming, sedative like qualities. Washing your pillowcases and sheets in a hoppy beer (an IPA), releases an aromatic and comforting scent that is sure to lull you off to sleep without the use of sleeping pills.

5. Bugs BE GONE

Bugs in the residence halls are not a new thing. Beer is here to help. Here are a couple of ways you can use beer to get rid of the creepy-crawly pests you only tend to find in dark crevices.
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Let’s class up the room with a couple of wine bottles, shall we?

6. Skin Softener

Like beer, red wine has skin softening properties, too! You can use leftover wine as a toner or pour it into your bath as a soak.

7. Produce Cleaner

New age sangria, I suppose.
Add wine to a spray bottle and you can use it to clean off your fruits and vegetables. The alcohol found in wine will remove impurities better than solely washing your produce with water. It can even kill off E.coli and salmonella.

8. Cleaning Up Spills

The disinfecting properties of wine isn’t solely reserved for the cleansing of produce. The combination of alcohol and acidity of wine can remove stains and kill germs without the chemical harshness of store-bought cleaners. The acidity, however, can damage granite. White wine can be used as a glass cleaner (and so can vodka!)

9. Dye

For the same reasons you’re not using store-bought household cleaners, there are chemicals found in dyes that you might want to avoid, as well. Think about it, when you accidentally spill red wine on the carpet, that sh*t is there forever. Why not utilize its dyeing strengths in a way you like? Fabric, curtains and even Easter eggs—the possibilities are endless.

10. Freeze It

Okay, I know the list is all about “uses for wine other than drinking it,” but you’re not drinking this entry, per se. You’re saving it for later! Freeze your leftover wine instead of letting it turn into undrinkable vinegar. You can use it for sauces, marinades and dressings, and, of course, wine. When you don’t want to dilute your precious pressed grapes, use wine ice cubes!
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Vodka: simultaneously your best friend and worst enemy.

11. Treat Poison Ivy

There are a lot of mystery plants on campus finding themselves winding about on major walkways. If you happen to have bad luck on one of those days and find yourself with a poison ivy rash, you can use vodka to avoid the uncomfortable reaction. People have said that the vodka must be 100 proof in order to work.

12. Laundry

Dragging your dirty laundry and then having to sit around and do laundry is a pain in the *ss. Vodka, however, is here to save you and your weekend! You can keep your clothes smelling fresh by filling a spray bottle with vodka and spraying your clothes down. Leave the now-clean clothes out to dry in a well-ventilated area.

13. Clean away mold

Your dorm room and/or apartment is your mother’s worst nightmare. There’s so much dust and mold. Fear not, dear reader! Instead of breaking out the harsh chemically-based mold removers, you can fill a spray bottle with vodka (you might even have this already ready if you’re doing your laundry via spritzes of vodka) to remove the mold. Let the vodka soak in for 15 minutes and then scrub it away with a toothbrush.

14. Shampoo AND Conditioner

Adding a jigger of vodka (44ml) to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo will result in shinier hair. Awesome!

15. Preserve Flowers

Flowers are really expensive, man! What better way to spruce up the droll dorm room life than with a couple of flowers on the windowsill? When you certainly don’t have the cash to keep fresh flowers in your bedroom, add a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of vodka to the water in your flower vase. Remember to change out the water daily.
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Soon to be every hipster’s alcohol of choice. Blech.

16. Remove odors

Not surprisingly, gin, with its nose-wrinkling scent, can be used to remove odors from around the house and your body. Stinky feet? Gin. Foul-scented room? Gin.

17. Eliminate wrinkles

Like beer and wine, gin contains antioxidants. The added juniper found in gin aids the body in regeneration cells, meaning you can kiss those wrinkles goodbye.

18. Mouthwash

I mean, if you really like the taste of gin, be my guest. Add a couple drops of thyme oil—something that meshes well with the flavor of gin.

19. Baking

Alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water, meaning you can get a flakier pie crust if you replace some of the water in your recipe with gin. Any alcohol will do, but the flavor of gin will only enhance the flavor of your pot pie.

20. Add it to soap

If you like the scent of gin, then this is the soap additive for you. By adding a splash of gin to your liquid soap, not only are you adding the scent of gin to your handwashing ritual, but you’re boosting its bacteria-killing capabilities.
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