You Can Now Make Your Own Portrait Using Emojis

Emoji portraits have been popping up all over the Internet, stunning the online community and emoji fans alike with how intricate these portraits can be. If you’ve ever wanted to create your emoji portrait but, like the rest of the population, don’t have several hours to throw away painstakingly placing each emoji in its correct spot, you’re in luck. Eric Andrews, a web developer for The New York Times, has created a program for the rest of us.
Named “Emoji Mosaic,” Andrews has removed the whole “slaving away on a self-portrait” part of the “creating art” equation. All you need to do to make an emoji portrait via Andrews Emoji Mosaic is to upload a photo and (after waiting a few minutes), the website spits out your face all emoji-fied!
Given that I have absolutely zero artistic talent, this is a dream come true. Here’s my own photo turned into an emoji portrait!
Emoji Mosaic Self Portrait
It’s emulating modern art without the commitment.

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