Diners Leave Waitress No Tip & A Taunting Note

I want to say that this problem would be solved immediately if the United States switched to the European method of tipping, meaning that tip is already included. This way, there’s no debate on how much to tip your waiter or waitress and certainly no more stories about waiters and waitresses being left no tip whatsoever. Like most college students, Jess Jones of Belmar, New Jersey, was waiting tables at D’Jais Bar & Grill this summer to help put herself through school. However, on August 17, Jones was waiting on a table of eight at the restaurant and nightclub and became the victim of a story we’re all far too familiar with. The total bill, $112.03 was paid by credit card. Instead of leaving Jones a tip, like most normal, well-adjusted human beings do, Jones discovered that her customers had left her no tip, filling in the blank with “LOL” and writing next to the section, “1 hour for food.” Jess Jones took to Facebook the next day, blurring out the personal information of the patrons, and posted the receipt photo to Facebook to express her frustrations. I don’t know, mystery dining patrons, usually when I dine out, I’m at the restaurant for more than an hour because I’m enjoying the company I’m with. Your one hour for food seems standard, as far as I’m concerned, especially with a party of eight people. You’re not being funny—you’re unreasonably cruel and extremely juvenile. If you cannot afford tip, you cannot afford to eat out. Simple as that.

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