We Finally Know Why Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky Were #Goals

As someone who got bored about 5 minutes into the Unauthorized Full House Story, I can tell you: There’s not much to take away from the uncomfortably corny Lifetime movie. With that being said, the Unauthorized installments always offer up some entertaining moments and some juicy insider tidbits. The Full House story is no exception.
The one thing I actually learned (and cared to learn) from this Lifetime original? That John Stamos and Lori Laughlin allegedly dating IRL. That’s right – according to the movie, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky were a thing offscreen too. Then again, the word ‘unauthorized’ is in the movie’s title – so let’s take everything we learn from it with a grain of salt.
John Stamos is portrayed as total lady magnet throughout the entire movie (not exactly a newsflash, I mean look at him) and there’s one particular scene that had eyebrows raising. In it, fake Stamos is talking about how he hopes his new onscreen love interest is cute when he walks in, sees Lori Laughlin from behind and drops a truth(?)bomb. The two actors allegedly knew each other before and dated “a few times” before going separate ways (they can’t agree about who initiated the split, though). Faux Lori also mentions that she got married in the time between their alleged relationship and her being cast as Aunt Becky.
There’s also a cute little scene that shows the actress who played the actress who played D.J. Tanner (yes, that was supposed to be confusing and yes, I’m talking Candace Cameron Bure) enlists “Lori” for advice before she has to shoot her first kiss onscreen. Lori pulls Jesse over to help her demonstrate and sparks totally fly.
So there you have it: A possible explanation for why Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky were not only one of the prettiest couples in sitcom history, but also one of the cutest. Can anyone else remember watching them and thinking that they had the perfect relationship, that getting older and falling in love would probably involve all of the sweet moments we witnessed between the two characters? ‘Cause I sure did.
Again, who knows if we can actually trust any of the information they shared on Lifetime’s unauthorized (and unsuccessful) attempt to recapture the magic that was Full House? All we know is this – John Stamos and Lori Laughlin had damn good chemistry. If they actually did date IRL, that might explain it.
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