This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Weren't Stick Thin

We’ve always envied our favorite Disney princesses ever since we can remember. Their flawless hair-dos, their perfect features, their intricate wardrobes. Let’s definitely not forget their sexy Prince boyfriends too. The princesses were the original girl crushes in our lives and we’ll never forget it, but what if their images were totally revamped? What if princesses weren’t the tiny little cartoons that we’ve all come to love?
TheNamelessDoll is a Tumblr dedicated to editing the original images of the Disney characters to give them realistic body types. The blogger behind the Tumblr captioned photos and gifs of her favorite princesses, such as Belle from Beauty and The Beast with “I wanted to make a plus size princess (even though +size on Belle looks like medium by real life standards) and chose my all time favourite princess for the test. I wanted to make her even fuller.”
The Tumblr is filled with photos of Ariel, Anastasia, Rapunzel, Anna from Frozen, and more to recreate them into more realistic-looking characters. Check out their updated photos here.

[Story via E! Online]

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