Now You Can Get Drunk While Shopping At Target

Drunk shopping used to be limited to the Internet, but that’s not quite the same as holding your new purchase in your hands. Now, Target is making dreams come true.
A new Target store set to open in Chicago this October will feature a fully stocked bar right inside the store so in between impulse bathing suit and home decor purchases (you swore you only came for bread!!!), you can grab a drink (or three). If that’s not enough, they have a second liquor license that allows them to sell booze on its shelves so you can continue the party at home.
take my money

If the bar gets approval, it will be the only Target to have a bar, but if our friends in Chicago play their cards right, we’re hoping (read: praying) that Target will expand the idea to more stores across the country. Most already have a snack bar and Starbucks…it can’t be that hard to add a bar area for weary shoppers or their boyfriends who had no idea a Target run could last three hours.
A few cocktails and shopping with friends all in one spot? Hello, ideal Friday night.

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