1 In 5 Women At Rutgers University Sexually Assaulted

In a recent study at Rutgers University, it was discovered that approximately one out of every five of its female students have experienced unwanted sexual contact or attempted sexual contact during college. These statistics are consistent with research on the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment on college campuses nationwide. The survey also found that 84 percent of sexual violence victims who consulted campus resources found them helpful and an alarming seven percent brought the incident to the attention of the Rutgers staff.
Because your precious low-crime rate is far more important than the safety of your own students. Campus resources? Actually helpful? Certainly you must be from another planet.

A White House task force to prevent sexual assault on college campuses approached Rutgers University last year to gather information on “student perception and response to sexual assault on campus and then to address any standout areas through training programs and services.” The findings of the survey are being used to decide how colleges can better assess and respond to sexual assault on their campuses.
The chancellor of the Rutgers-New Bruinswick campus, Richard L. Edwards, told the Washington Post that he wasn’t surprised by the findings. I can’t say that I’m surprised, either. These statistics have been known for a long time and still no change has come of it.
Sexual assault still happens; sexual harassment still happens; rape still happens. That statistic, at the rate we seem to be going, isn’t going to be declining any time soon unless we take a stand right now and say we won’t be tolerating this behavior on college campuses and beyond.
It is important to mention that participation during this study was voluntary, meaning that its results may be skewed. A similar study was conducted at the University of Kentucky’s Center On Violence Against Women and found that only five percent of students experienced sexual assault. This study, however, was mandatory.
Quite frankly, we all know what happens when you make college students do anything. You get bullsh*tted answers and offensive jokes written in the margins because we’re rarely better than a rowdy high school freshman these days. If you ask me, the voluntary survey results, arguably, should be the more accurate statistics as people care enough about ending sexual violence to sit down for a survey.
Sarah McMahon, the associate director of the Center of Violence Against Women at the University of Kentucky, states that the results indicate that “education, prevention and support programs need to begin long before students enter college.”
No more boys will be boys; no more “what was she wearing?;” no more “well, she was asking for it.” This is a crime, period.
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