This App Can Help A Friend Virtually “Walk You Home” Late At Night

It’s a scary thought, but even that ten minute walk from your friend’s dorm room to your off-campus apartment can end badly. However, thanks to five students at the University of Michigan, students can have a little piece of mind when they are alone. They created Companion, an app that lets you walk alone while a friend is keeping an eye on you from their dorm, house, or whatever else they happen to be.

The creators wrote in a blog post,

Back at school in Ann Arbor, it seems like we get a crime alert email nearly every other day. While we brush them off most of the time, they are always a bit spooky.


While there are already apps like Kitestring which check in to make sure you’re okay and call emergency services if you don’t respond, but Companion allows someone to check up on you in real time. Tens of thousands of people have downloaded Companion, and you should too if you ever get the urge to leave the party early or need to get to your car after a late night study session.

It’s easy – just enter your starting location and your destination, then select a friend to be a “companion.” That friend can monitor your location as you walk home. The app can detect if you wander off your path, if you suddenly start running, or your headphones get pulled out; if that happens, the app will send you an alert. If you don’t respond to the app’s check-in alerts within 15 seconds, your “companion” will be notified and your phone will start making loud noises. You can hit an “I am nervous” button to report where you feel unsafe to campus safety officials, and if anything goes wrong, you can tap a button to call the police.

Take a look at the video below, and instantly feel better about your walk home.

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