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Save Or Splurge: Which Fall Boots Are Worth Your $$$?


Fall is almost here – instead of trying to deny it (which is precisely what I’m doing, TBH) why not embrace the season? The best way to do this is by picking up a new fashion item that’s perfect for the cooler months – and let’s face it: Fall is all about the boots.

Which boots are worth a big pile of cash and which fall into the ‘buy ’em cheap’ category? Let’s take a look, my friends.

Brown riding boots: I’m going to chalk this style up to a splurge. Comfort is key when you’re looking for the right pair if brown boots and the sad fact is, expensive shoes are generally more comfortable. Splurge on a high-quality pair that will feel amazing on your feet. Brown boots are so elegant and if you splurge on your pair, they’ll last for a long, long time. I picked up a pair of Frye boots a few years ago and yes, they were pricey….but they’re in perfect condition to this day and they are the most comfy boots ever.

Combat boots: Save. Find yourself a cheap pair of combats because while this style is super cute it’s also trendy, it doesn’t work for a lot of occasions and isn’t particularly flattering. Dig around for the most affordable pair at thrift shop or even at a store like Target (you know we love a good Target).

Black booties: These can be a modest splurge – again, a well-constructed shoe is often pricey, but quality construction means comfort and longevity. Choose a gorgeous, classic pair of black ankle boots with as much of a heel as you can handle. It’s an invaluable item for both day and night.

Camel booties: Save on a pair of cute camel booties – because they’re a bit more restrictive, you can likely find them on sale. This is a super cute item you can wear in the spring as well, but the light color means they might scuff or mark easily. Buy an inexpensive pair and replace them later if needed.

Moto boots: Save on a pair of tough-girl moto boots. This slightly grungy style is something you shouldn’t regard as precious – don’t be afraid to wear your moto boots casually and get them dirty. This is the pair you can just toss on over leggings or jeans and wear when you run errands. They’ll serve you well in the winter as well (so don’t get an expensive pair and stress about every single snow stain.)

Still confused? Check out my picks for each type of boot below.

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