This Tattoo Artist Gives Domestic Abuse Survivors Beautiful Tattoos To Cover Their Scars For Free

It’s impossible for domestic violence victims to forget what happened to them, but the last thing they need is a physical reminder of their abuse. Although some scars never fully fade, one tattoo artist in Brazil is turning wounds with ugly memories into beautiful works of art.
For her latest project, titled “A Pele da Flor” or “The Skin of the Flower,” Flavia Carvalho set out to help women cover up scars left from knife wounds, gunshots, and other violent attacks by giving them free tattoos.
In a recent interview, Carvalho told Huffington Post Brazil,

It began very spontaneously. As I said, my services are [100] percent voluntary, and the only ‘cost’ women need to invest is to choose a design for their tattoos!

Carvalho also helps women transform mastectomy scars into stunning skin designs.
Take a look at the pictures below to see Carvalho’s amazing cover-up tattoos.

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