Girl's Parents Recreate Selfies With Her Boyfriend, Hilarity Ensues

Parents just don’t get selfies. Or Instagram. Or why we need to document every second of our lives. Instead of rolling their eyes, Emily Musson’s parents Nancy and Craig decided to recreate selfies of their daughter and her boyfriend Johnny that she uploaded to Facebook.

I mean, I would actually die if my parents did this to me, but since it’s someone else, it’s comedy gold.
Emily posted the photos on her Twitter, where they were retweeted 40,000 times in less than a day, much to her surprise.

“When it went viral I was confused. Like, yeah, it’s funny but, like, it’s more interesting if you actually know my parents,” Emily told
Nancy and Craig have plans to make the most out of their internet fame.
“My mom thinks it’s hilarious and claims she wants to be on Dancing With the Stars,” Emily said.
Emily’s parents have yet to meet her new boyfriend, but at least now they’ll have something to talk about when they finally get together. Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

[Story and images via Cosmopolitan]

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