5 Insanely Chic Ways To Wear Leather Pants

Temperatures are dropping by this day and let’s be honest: That puts a serious damper on going out to a cool club or bar. After all, how are you supposed to wear a hot little dress when it’s freakin’ cold outside? The answer? You aren’t. You swap those bandage skirts and LBDs for something fall-ready and seriously fashionable: A pair of leather pants.
The style sounds intimidating but it’s really a super flattering and versatile item. You can opt for a faux leather, which will save you tons of cash and if you’re not into the stiff, structured look of the pants, go for a leather legging, which blends the comfort and form of regular leggings with the chicness and sheen of leather pants. This pair would work so well and you really can’t beat the price.
Not quite sure how to style these? Try one of these looks.

  • Polished: A pair of leather leggings contrasts beautifully with a lightweight, sheer silk shirt. Go for a white shirt that hits you at mid thigh for the prettiest, most elegant look. The airy finish of a good sheer shirt against the sheen of the leather looks so cool and it’s such an easy way to look both classy and badass at the same time. Add some plain black pumps for an absolutely perfect night out look.
  • Grungy: Toss a loose, well-worn, slightly disheveled band tee over your leggings (extra points if it has some rips in it) and wear some moto or combat boots for good measure. Flannel shirt worn over the whole thing (unbuttoned, obvs) is an optional touch. This is just the perfect way to tell the world you’re just angry at it, which makes it the perfect thing to wear to class when you’re hung over.
  • Edgy: Recipe for a seriously sick urban/chic look: One pair of leather pants, one sharply asymmetrical black tunic, one pair of black booties, tons of sass and BAM. You’re winning fashion. All black urrythang.
  • Comfy: Pair a super thick, slouchy sweater with these pants on a day when you’re supposed to do something that requires a slightly cute outfit. This is a great way to feel like you’re lounging around in leggings and a sweater but still look really cute and like you made an effort, Add an oversized handbag and some booties to round out the look.
  • Glamorous: If you dare to double the shiny, why not pair your leather pants/leggings with a fun sequin tank top? If you’re headed out to a fancy club or some other place that requires a glam outfit, this could be a really fun way to get blinged out without sacrificing your warmth. There’s one caveat though: it works much better if you pair a simple blazer over top. And make sure the blazer is long enough – shiny pants with a top that doesn’t cover your butt can turn this look from classy to trashy real fast.

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