7 Basic Fall Things & Their Non-Basic Alternatives

Fall has a way of brining out the inner basic in all of us. While we won’t judge you for drinking that first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, (just as long as you don’t post about it on Facebook), we all know that variety is the real spice of life. Why not inject a non-basic alternative or two into your fall repertoire? Behold – our favorite swaps for when you just want to put a tweak on the basics.


Instead of: Yoga pants

You could try: Moto leggings

They’re just as comfortable but thanks to the tapered legs and cool details, moto leggings are way chicer than your average pair of comfy pants. You can also do more with them – from pairing them with cropped sweatshirts on casual days to wearing them with cute tanks of nights out, this item has tons of possibilities.


Instead of: Weekend trips to the pumpkin patch

You could try: Weekend trips to a nearby vineyard

Because let’s be honest: Wine is way more fun than pumpkins.


Instead of: Hosting a Scandal viewing party

You could try: Hosting an Empire viewing party

Because Cookie Lyons kicks just ass every bit as much as Olivia Pope does.


Instead of: Posting snuggling selfies with bae when it’s cold outside

You could try: Just not using the word “bae”

I mean, come one. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.


Instead of: Wearing Uggs

You could try: Wearing nice leather (or faux leather) boots

Let’s be real, Uggs are not necessary on a crisp (but not actually) cold fall day when there’s absolutely no snow on the ground.



Instead of: Wearing a North Face

You could try: Wearing literally anything else.

North Faces aren’t the only items that’ll keep you warm. I promise.


Instead of: Ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte

You could try: Ordering a Cinnamon Dolce Latte

It has the same spicy/sweet fall favor but it’s just not so ubiquitous.


Instead of: Posting about how fall is your favorite season

You could try: Quietly loving fall.

No social media activity required. Or you could be a huge rebel and post something about how much you miss summer.


Instead of: Wearing a onesie when you stay in at night.

You could try: Wearing a onesie when you stay in at night.

Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything better. Onesies are too legit to quit.

Disclaimer: If you want to do any of the “basic” things on this list, by all means, do them. It’s your life. I just thought it might be fun to share some alternatives. All good? K. 

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