Thighbrows Are The Latest Body Craze No One Should Pay Any Attention To

Every few months, the Internet gets bored and comes up with some other way to make people feel self-conscious about their bodies. There were thigh gaps, side boob, the belly button challenge, and guys even got in on it with dad bods. Now, according to British website The Debrief, thighbrows are the next body trend to take over Instagram. The term refers to the two lines that appear along the upper thighs when a woman with curves bends her legs.

Like all horrible things, this craze seems to have been (unknowingly?) started by those pesky Kardashian and Jenner girls. A quick glance at their Instagram feeds show they’ve been posing in bathing suits that highlight their thigh lines all summer.

Check out these celebrities who have posted similar photos.

No matter what they are, can we stop with these body challenges and trends?

Thankfully, summer is pretty much over and hopefully we can all stop pretending thighbrows are a thing (or even a word).

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