You Can Now Make Campbell's Soup With Your Keurig

The digital revolution has no limits. Now you can make Campbell’s® soups with your Keurig machine (because, obviously, the old, traditional way of opening the can and microwaving it was way too much work).
While any coffee drinker in this day and age knows that a Keurig is a necessity for any home, apartment or dorm, now you have all the more reason to invest in one if you haven’t already. Campbell just released new line of “Fresh-Brewed Soup” Keurig pods, offering two different flavors– Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle Soup Mix as well as Southwest Style Chicken Broth & Noodle Soup Mix.
In a press release jointly submitted on behalf of the two companies, Keurig and Campbell Soup, Michael Goodman, the marketing director at Campbell said, “We know more than 80 percent of people who buy Keurig pods also buy Campbell’s soup, so bringing together two products people love in one handy kit is a winning idea.”
The new products are being promoted on the website and to give consumers a place to go to learn more about the products (because apparently, and understandably, people have some questions. Like, for example, How does that work with all the noodles, veggies, etc.?).
While the K-CUP® pods are filled with the broth, the soups also come with individual packets that contain the remaining ingredients, to be poured into a 12 0z. mug before placing it on the Keurig tray and brewing. (In case you want the actual directions right now, you will choose to brew with the 8 oz. cup option on the actual machine, then once it is done, stir and let sit for 2-3 minutes.)
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The Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed-Soup pods will be available to purchase online in a few weeks, either through Keurig or Amazon, as well as at most grocery stores (coffee, not soup aisle!).
While you may still prefer to hit up the campus cafeteria, it’s nice knowing you now also have this option available. If you ask me, it definitely beats Instant Ramen (gross.)

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