Comedian Samantha Bee Calls Out 'Vanity Fair' For Lack of Women In New Photo

We’ve got a bone to pick with you, Vanity Fair.
Vanity Fair tweeted a photo featuring the “titans of late night television.” While these are the most popular men on late night without a doubt, there is a huge problem with it. The men are mainly white and there no women whatsoever in the picture. While late night is unfortunately lacking women, there are two women who could have been included but weren’t – Samantha Bee and Chelsea Handler, both of whom have new talk shows airing in 2016. Vanity Fair cannot even use their shows not airing yet as an excuse because Trevor Noah’s takeover of The Daily Show doesn’t start until September 28, yet he’s in the photo.

Bee responded to being left out of the article in the most perfect way – by trolling the magazine and cropping herself in.

The writer of the article, David Kamp, does mention that we need more women on late night, but it is very brief at the end. He says, “Two female hosts plus the 10 men featured here is still a long way from a late-night that truly looks like America. But the next version of this story’s opening picture will be that much brighter.”
While many are angry about his photo, what it shows is that we need more women and diversity on late night television.

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