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The 12 Most Epic Music Videos Of 2015

We had some pretty unforgettable music videos this year.

Dec 7, 2015

The 20 Most Stunning Fashion Magazine Covers Of 2015

W Magazine did it again and hands down had the best year for magazine covers.

Dec 3, 2015

Dec 2, 2015

Student Calls Classmate A ‘Manwhore’ In Hilarious Letter, Reminding Us How Awful Middle School Dating Is

Shout out to Muffin Top for not falling for Payton and all of his games.

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Dec 2, 2015

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Share Tips On How To Buy Gifts For Literally Anyone

Just tell your friend it's from Etsy, and they'll feel like it's art.

Nov 30, 2015

25 Years From Now, First Dates Might Be A Thing Of The Past

Imperial College London and eHarmony released a report that shows that by 2040 dating will be fully virtual.

Nov 30, 2015

John Legend Just Released A Holiday Song Making Us All Wonder When He’ll Make A Christmas Album

What you may not realize is this beautiful song is actually a duet...with the stars.

Nov 30, 2015

The Most Googled Fashion Items This Year Were Extremely Nostalgic

90s nostalgia is strong - especially the fashion.

Nov 30, 2015

Kylie Jenner’s Lipstick Line Is Finally On Sale

If there was ever a product line that Kylie Jenner needed to release, it's a lipstick line.

Nov 27, 2015

Alicia Vikander: Top 15 Best Style & Fashion Moments

Alicia Vikander may not be a household name yet, but that is soon to change.

Nov 25, 2015

Hottest Men of Tinder: 15 Sexiest Photos On The Internet

For this year’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, People decided to team up with Tinder to find the sexiest men on...

Nov 18, 2015

New Adele Album ’25’ Has Leaked & Many People Are At Fault For It

Another highly anticipated album, another premature album leak.

Nov 18, 2015

Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Just Shut Down Her Skinny Shamers

"I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do."

Nov 16, 2015

Juicy Couture Tracksuits: A Look Back At Celebrities Wearing This 2000s Trend

Ten years ago, anyone who was anyone owned a Juicy Couture tracksuit.

Nov 16, 2015

Looks Like Guys Love Justin Bieber’s New Album As Much As Everyone Else

Before these past months, it was a rare for a guy to admit that a song by the Biebs was catchy.

Nov 11, 2015

The Voice: Meet The 5 Contestants On Team Gwen, Season 9

Will this be her year to be the winning coach?

Nov 11, 2015

A History Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Epic Falls

Can someone get this girl a pair of flats?

Nov 9, 2015

Justin Bieber Reveals The 3 Songs About Selena Gomez On ‘Purpose’

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez clearly need to get back together.

Nov 9, 2015

Yaaas: “Fleek” & Other Internet Slang Words Are Being Added To The Dictionary

Imagine having a vocab test where you had to define fleek.