The 20 Most Stunning Fashion Magazine Covers Of 2015

Now that all of our magazine issues for the year have been released, I went back and found the most stunning fashion magazine covers from 2015. I included 13 different publications and while they all have at least one that made the top picks, others have multiple. What can I say, some magazines just do it better (sorry, Allure). But I was shocked with how few September issues I cared about – only two were included on the list. I must say, W Magazine did it again and hands down had the best year for magazine covers.
Keep in mind that I focused on the major US publications, so Jourdan Dunn’s very elegant British Vogue cover will not be included. As much as I would have loved to include Vanity Fair because their covers are near perfect every issue, they are not a fashion magazine. This also means that Adele‘s gorgeous makeup-free Rolling Stone cover is out as well. Finally, the power team that is Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will have to wait until next year because their Glamour cover is for the January 2016 issue.
Check out 2015’s best fashion magazine covers below.

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