Student Calls Classmate A 'Manwhore' In Hilarious Letter, Reminding Us How Awful Middle School Dating Is

We all know an Alex and we all know a Payton. Alex (aka Muffin Top) is the friend who cannot in anyway handle a guy disrespecting her friends. While very appreciated, sometimes it escalates a little to far. Payton is the typical player who has literally no shame in going after every single girl in a friends group.
Together, an Alex and Payton makes for the best angry letter ever created as if we’re back in the 90s. Who sends notes anymore? Was Muffin Top thinking that if this was a text or through DM than Payton would screenshot it? That would be a fair assumption since Payton does sound like a jerk. Instead, her teacher found it crumpled up (this sounds like classic Payton) and showed it to his brother. He then decided to post it up on imgur for the entire world to see.

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Honestly Payton, show these girls some respect and stop smoking “the weed.” Also, why are you dating your cousin, Payton? It’s safe to assume that every school had this weird twisted incestual rumor and it shouldn’t have.
While I’m not sure if Payton and Muffin Top are in middle school or high school, they both need to grow up a little bit. Hate to break it to you Muffin Top, changing colors and doing all caps are not anymore effective than one solid color. Payton, change your ways. If Nathan Scott can reform, so can you.
All in all, shout out to Muffin Top for not falling for Payton and all of his games.
3lw no more playa pleathe please

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