College Candy Confessions: The Worst Dates We’ve Ever Had To Endure

worst Dates ever true stories

Recently, a story about a terrible date went viral. This guy met a girl for a whooping 30 minute coffee date, and when she turned him down to go out again, he asked that she repay the money he spent on her coffee. Yikes.

That cringe-worthy tale had me reminiscing about some not-so-great dates of my own. I mean, the dating scene in college is pretty weird considering couples count “Netflix and chill” as an actual date and most students are trying to figure out if that guy they’re hooking up with wants anything more than booty.

Turns out everyone has a dating horror story (or two). I asked the College Candy and writers to spill about some dates they’d rather forget about.

Share your own dating tragedies in the comments below!

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