25 Years From Now, First Dates Might Be A Thing Of The Past

First dates are exciting and completely nerve-racking at the same time. You and your date either hit it off or you sit there wondering how long you have to wait to leave without seeming rude. In 25 years, this stress of first dates might be a thing of the past…if technology has anything to say about it.
Imperial College London and eHarmony released a report that shows that by 2040 dating will be fully virtual. As the years go by, we get lazier and lazier so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that dating is going in this direction. By the time 2040 rolls around, technology will be so advanced that all five of our human senses could be simulated digitally. eHarmony wrote, “This would mean you could fully ‘meet’ someone online, before you actually meet him or her in the real world.”I guess if you’re not “virtually” feeling a date in the future, your excuse will be that you had a bad connection(?). But if the technology is going to be that advanced, would that ever really be an issue anymore?
I could go back and forth questioning the dating scene in 25 years, but if this technology is created, it will be great for couples in long distance relationships. We will also have the lazy crowd using it even if they live about 10 minutes from each other. Anything to avoid the awkwardness, I guess.
2040 is going to be the new 2015. Technologically, we will be expecting a lot. Don’t disappoint us like we were this year when Mattel didn’t give us flying pink hoverboards.

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