7-Eleven Wants To Get You Laid & Cure Your Hangover

Because when you think of a surefire way to get laid, 7-Eleven immediately comes to mind.

Taking the “convenience” of “convenience store” to a whole new level, for $20, your local 7-Eleven will deliver to your doorstep the Date Night Pack: a package that includes a Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, a can of Red Bull, a pack of Trident gum, and a three-pack of Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms. No longer do you have to go to your local, shady bodega during the odd hours of the night.

The Date Night Pack is not the only convenience pack you can purchase from 7-Eleven, however. The convenience store chain is offering a Hangover Pack, Sniffles Pack, and a Game Day Pack for your hangovers, colds, and tailgate parties. For another example, the Hangover Pack comes with Gatorade, pizza, and Tylenol.

Ah, 7-Eleven, now your friendly over-the-counter drug dealer. How sweet of you to take care of us in our time of self-induced need.

The service currently only available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan and Brooklyn, but 7-Eleven is planning further extensions to Washington D.C. and Boston soon. You can only order one of these convenience Packs via DoorDash as of right now. In addition, the chain will not be delivering Slurpees to your doorstep as 7-Eleven spokeswoman, Margaret Chabris, stated that Slurpees need to be served immediately to taste their best.

Again, because when I go to 7-Eleven, I’m very worried about things tasting their best.

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