These Frat Guys Are Walking Around In High Heels For An Awesome Reason

Seeing 300 guys walking around campus in high heels will definitely get you talking, but at University of Georgia, that’s the point. The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes UGA event held by the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Student Group was meant to raise awareness about sexual assault, gender violence, and rape on college campuses. According to the event’s website, an estimated one in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while in college. At UGA, 71 rapes were reported to campus police last year.

Ten fraternities as well as many other campus organizations participated, each person holding a personalized sign to say why they were walking.

A killer event that raises awareness about such an important topic that also shows guys the struggles of wearing heels? That’s called a win-win.

[Story & images via Unilad/Nat Roe Photography]

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