The State Of Vermont is Officially The New Model For Safe Sex

As Lil Wayne said, “safe sex, is great sex.” Okay, maybe we shouldn’t be quoting Lil Wayne, but in all seriousness, the State by State Safer Sex Index, sponsored by Trojan™ Brand Condoms, has recently been revealed. The survey, which was conducted by Variance LLC, conveys awareness to sexual health countrywide.
The states are ranked based on two safe sex indicators: sexually transmitted diseases and contraception across eight measures. These scores are then added together to reach the overall score for each state.
Rates of gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and the number of adults who have had HIV testing are all areas that the STD indicator focuses on. The contraception indicator pays closer attention to the rate of teen births and sex education policies for HIV/STD education, including contraception and condom use.
Vermont is officially the new model for safe sex and sexual health in the country. The state, which claims the number one spot in the overall rankings, scored low rates of sexually transmitted diseases while showing a wide-range of sex education in schools.
Five northeast states made the top 10, dominating the scores in safe sexual health. The southern states, however, aren’t lookin’ so hot. Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana all ranked in the bottom 10, making the south the lowest scored region.

Are you surprised by where your state ranks?

1. Vermont

2. Maine

3. New Hampshire

4. Hawaii

5. New Jersey

6. Rhode Island

7. West Virginia

8. Washington

9. Idaho

10. Oregon

11. Montana

12. Colorado

13. Wisconsin

14. Iowa

15. Connecticut

16. Wyoming

17. Minnesota

18. Utah

19. Virginia

20. North Dakota

21. Nebraska

22. Massachusetts

23. Kansas

24. New Mexico

25. Delaware

26. Pennsylvania

27. California

28. Illinois

29. Kentucky

30. Michigan

31. Indiana

32. South Dakota

33. Maryland

34. North Carolina

35. New York

36. Missouri

37. Ohio

38. Oklahoma

39. South Carolina

40. Arizona

41. Alabama

42. Alaska

43. Nevada

44. Arkansas

45. Tennessee

46. Texas

47. Florida

48. Mississippi

49. Georgia

50. Louisiana

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