20 Animals Who Have Their Lives Together Better Than You Do

In addition to being far superior to the human race, animals tend to have their lives together better than the average human being. Let’s face it: we humans are fickle individuals. Sometimes we’re in the mood to get our chores done, our homework—you name it. Most of the time, however, our minds are fuzzy from sleep deprivation and we choose to nap rather than being productive.

I’m not going to preach on my soapbox and tell you to do your work. That ship has sailed long ago. What I’m going to do is to giggle smugly and taunt you with 20 photos of animals who have their lives together way better than you do. Don’t try to fight it—it’s over and done with. You’ll never be better than these animals, myself included.

If you need me, you can find me sobbing into my 100+ pages of assigned reading instead of actually reading them.

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