Your Mornings Just Got Better Because Dunkin’ Donuts Is Going To Start Delivering Coffee

There are some mornings where heading to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or getting in the car to pick up a pick-me-up is just too much to ask. Dunkin’ Donuts gets it, and they will soon be doing you a major favor by delivering breakfast to your doorstep.

According to DD reps at a media summit at Dunkin’ Donuts headquarters in Massachusetts, delivery will be part of its upcoming mobile app update. In addition to delivery, DD Perks will also let you order food and drinks for curbside and in-store pickup. Ya know, because waiting in line with a massive hangover is sometimes impossible.

So how soon can you start your morning with a DD delivery person? The new version of the app is slated to launch next year and will be available exclusively to current DD Perks in an unannounced location to test. After, it will expand to all DD Perks members across the country. The actual delivery will be carried out by a third party partnership just like Chipotle.

Your move, Starbucks.

[Lead image via Shutterstock]

[Story via Delish]

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