The Actor From 'Peter Pan' Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

In 2003, I was a hormonal 12-year-old girl. I vividly remember watching Jeremy Sumpter prance around in tights as Peter Pan in the 2003 movie adaptation of the classic JM Barrie story and crushing hard. I mean, who could resist that smile…
peter pan jeremy sumpter
If Sumpter had shown up at my window, I would have taken off to Neverland with him in a heartbeat.
peter pan jeremy sumpter
It seems like Sumpter left Neverland and grew up, but at 26 years old, he still looks all kinds of fine. He’s remained an actor since his child star days, appearing in the Friday Night Lights TV series and the upcoming films Take Down and The UnBrokenSumpter also hopes to get behind the camera for some directing and producing.

Check out pictures of Peter Pan all grown up.

[Photos via Instagram]

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