Some Soap Opera Star Went On Negative Rant About Viola Davis’s Emmy Speech

Nancy Lee Grahn, a soap opera actress who has been on General Hospital for twenty years, attempted to steal Viola’s Davis’s historic moment at the Emmys last night – and failed miserably. She went on a Twitter rant of now mainly deleted tweets about the epic Emmy speech, which she deemed was “not the venue 4 racial opportunity” and feels that Viola Davis, a dark-skinned black woman has “never been discriminated against.” Was she being serious?

She has received backlash all over the Internet and has been trending on Twitter since about 2 am. She has attempted to clarify her comments and just made everything worse. She has since apologized saying, “I never mean to diminish her accomplishment. I wish I could get her roles. She is a goddess. I want equality 4 ALL women, not just actors” and “I apologize 2 anyone who I offended. I’m women advocate since I became one. After reading responses, I hear u and my tweet was badly phrased.”

This morning, Grahn continues to defend herself on Twitter this morning (even though she probably should have taken a Twitter hiatus today).

What Grahn does not seem to understand was that of course race was going to brought up in this speech. It took 67 years for a black woman to win a Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy. It was historic in its own right for Davis and Taraji P. Henson to be nominated the category, being the first year for two black women to be nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama. Only recently black women have been able to get these great roles, which is something that Davis has mentioned a few times and brought up again last night saying, “So here’s to all the writers, the awesome people… Shonda Rhimes. People who have redefined what it means to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be a leading woman. To be black.”

Grahn continuously said how this was an Emmy and this award was no big deal. Maybe she hasn’t seen a Primetime Emmy, but she’s a soap star who has had the huge honor of winning two Daytime Emmys. Nancy Lee Grahn, you obviously know this award is a huge deal, so please learn from your rant and lets not ruin this moment for Viola Davis.

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