12 Things You’ll Hear When You & Your High School Sweetheart Go To The Same College

Going to the same college as your high school sweetheart can be a unique situation–you both have different goals, will meet all sorts of people and will be faced with different challenges. People will start saying and asking all kinds of crazy things when they find out that you both took the bold step of taking on a new chapter in your life.

The Good

People who have known you for a long time will be happy for you.

1. “That is so adorable.”

Aw thanks, we know!

2. “I wish my boyfriend and I went to the same school.”

I don’t know if I could function in a long distance relationship. We applaud you!

3. “You guys are so cute.”

We’ve heard that like a million times (and it never gets old).

4. “You guys are going to get married.”

I hope so! I mean, I already made a “Future Wedding” board on Pinterest that I hope to put it to good use.

5. “I’m so jealous.”

And it’s okay to be, sweetheart!

6. “I’m so happy for you guys!”

Thank you, we’re happy for you too!

The Annoying

And those, who haven’t had the best of luck with relationships will always questions things, because if they can’t have something, neither can you.

1. “What if you guys break up?”

Why do you have to be so negative?

2. “Don’t you need some space?”

Have you ever been in a relationship? I can be around him 24/7 and never get tired!

3. “Did you apply to the same school on purpose?”

Maybe. Maybe not. In all honesty, I have no idea. It definitely wasn’t planned if that’s what you’re asking.

4. “You guys are crazy.”

Yes, we get it, we just don’t understand why.

5. “That won’t last.”

Well, what if it does?

6. “Don’t you want to meet new people?”

Why would I want to do that when I’m already so in love?

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