29 DIY Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes

You can win awards and break records, but how do you know that you’ve really made it in Hollywood? There’s a Halloween costume of you. People love to dress like celebrities and Internet-breakers in late October, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (or so I’m told).

While throwing down nearly $100 for a cheap Party City version of a Marilyn Monroe costume is the first thing you think of, it’s way more affordable and creative to DIY your Halloweekend ensemble. Using your favorite movie star, television character, Internet sensation, or musician as inspiration, you can emulate the likes of Taylor Swift and Olivia Pope using clothes from your closet along with some fun makeup and hairstyles.
Having trouble deciding who you want to be this Halloween? Check out our favorite celebrity and pop culture-inspired costume ideas that will make you the hit of the party.


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