Halloween Costumes 2015: Top 24 Cutest DIY Outfits

The 24 Cutest DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween used to be so fun when we were little. It was the perfect excuse to dress up as your role model, whether that was Josie (and her pussycats), a Disney princess, or even Esmerelda (I swear, every single elementary schooler dressed up as her that one year). Now, it’s an exercise in basic. The perfect formula for a college Halloween costume is simple. 1 part lingerie, 1 part ears, and 1 part stilettos that will have you stumbling three shots in.
Usually, a cat (an animal is lingerie, liquor, and ears) is the costume you come up with when you’re scrambling at the very last minute. You spent months in class dedicated to stalking gorgeous costumes, forgot to order one, and now everything is sold out except for the sexy Olaf costume, and no one should ruin Frozen that way. The perfect Halloweekend costume involves items you already own, and is smoking hot without being so revealing that you’ll regret it for years to come. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of the cutest (and most creative) costumes for this year.

Why get stuck with a tiny piece of spandex that the rest of campus will be wearing? It’s far superior to wear your favorite dress, but mix it up enough that you’re a character that’s incredibly creative and cool.  Everyone knows that Halloween is way overpriced. You’re dropping beaucoup bucks for a scrap of ticky tacky fabric you wouldn’t be caught dead in (even if you are dressing up as a vampire), any other day of the year. With less than a month to go, you still have time to start prepping mentally and physically for the Halloween costume of your dreams (and your boy toy’s fantasies).

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