10 Best Halloween Costumes For Couples To Make Your Single Friends Jealous

If there’s ever a time to show off your relationship status, it’s the holidays. Finally, you can tell your Aunt Judy that no, you’re not still single and it’s quite possible you won’t become a cat lady (mostly because you highly prefer dogs). While Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time to gloat to your single cousins about your smart, handsome boyfriend, Halloween is the day to make your single friends ever so slightly jealous.

Even if your bf’s usual Halloween attire is a shirt that reads “Nudist on Strike,” he probably loves you just enough to dress up this year. And with these hilarious and cute couples costumes, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince him.

You can even get creative and come up with some sort of third wheel costume if your single friend gets too saddened by your awesome outfit. Like…a joker to go with your king and queen?

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