Kids Halloween Costumes 2015: Top 20 Best & Funny Outfits

When you ask most kids what costume they want to wear for Halloween, many girls will answer with “a princess” while hundreds of mini-Batmans will rule the trick or treating scene. When I had the power to choose my ensemble, it was the pink Power Ranger, year after year. Classic uniform, ninja ranger, whatever form of pink Power Ranger was available that year.
It’s pretty safe to assume parents of these little ones obviously didn’t ask what they wanted to dress up as…unless I totally missed something and kids these days are fans of A Clockwork Orange and Boy George.

Maybe these little ones didn’t get to don fairy wings or a superhero cape, but someday they will thank their parents for getting a little more creative than grabbing some generic outfit from Party City. Check out these hilarious children’s Halloween costumes that definitely won the Halloween costume contest at school, even if none of the other first graders knew what they were.

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