Wonder Woman Costumes: Top Wonder Woman DIY Halloween Outfits

October isn’t just four weeks of downing Pumpkin Spice Lattes and stepping on the crunchy-looking leaves, it’s also the stressful time where you have to figure out a Halloween costume. Luckily,¬†there is one costume that literally anyone can pull off with ease, even if you’re only hours away from attending a Halloween party: Wonder Woman! This classic costume takes minimal effort, yet looks super cute and is always a crowd favorite.

Here’s the amazing thing about a DIY Wonder Woman costume: you will probably spy¬†another superhero costume at the party, but you’ll look totally different. None of this “OMG we have the same costume” crap, just a bonding experience with your fellow WW.
Don’t believe me? Just check out these incredible ideas for inspiration for your own costume.

Here are the essentials for a DIY Wonder Woman Halloween costume, and you can customize them anyway you’d like.

– Red Top

Add Wonder Woman’s symbol in gold on whatever red shirt you can find at the bottom of your closet.

– Blue Bottoms

Whether you go for star-spangled short shorts, blue pants with symbols down the sides, or a cute tutu is totally up to you!

– Red Shoes

You probably don’t have red boots like Lynda Carter, but red Converses will work perfectly.

– Headband & Cuffs

Grab some gold material from the craft store to DIY some wrist cuffs and add a red star for a Wonder Woman headband.

– Accessories

Don’t forget the Lasso of Truth!

[Images via Pinterest]

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