Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Of 2015 Some Idiots Will Actually Wear

Every year, without fail, there are some pretty offensive Halloween costumes roaming the streets. Take the Jerry Sanduskys in 2012 or the Boston Marathon victims in 2013. Whether you find these outfits completely repulsive or hilarious, 2015 will be no exception when it comes to controversial costumes.
News stories like Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, Rachel Dolezal, and the dentist who killed Cecil the lion top the inspiration for costumes that might get you fired from a job and make your mom cry this year. Even if you have thick skin, prepare to explain why your ensemble is not offensive for the duration of the party.

Whether you take these Halloween costumes as a list of what not to wear or are gathering ideas guaranteed to make yours the most talked about costume at the party is up to you. We’ll be steering clear and getting a little more creative than using a months-old news story as a costume.

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