A Period-Themed Yearbook Photo Causes Great Controversy

Recently, a period-themed yearbook photo of a group of Swedish teens has gone viral after it was deemed inappropriate by their school’s administration. The group of teens decided to pose with fake blood filled tampons, pads, and chocolate in order to promote more dialogue about periods that would allow teenage girls to view menstruation as more of a normal thing instead of your worst nightmare.
swedish teens, menstruation yearbook photo
One of the girls who was a part of the controversial picture, Ida Pettersson, 17, stated,

At first we just thought the picture would be a fun thing to do. We didn’t think at all that it would be a big thing, because we don’t think it is a big deal – it’s just menstruation.

In the end, the yearbook photographer thought what the girls were doing was “inappropriate” and declined to take the photo. The school’s principal also agreed and stated “it was not representative and easily accessible to any beholder.” He also added,

I wholeheartedly support what they wanted to highlight. But we have a number of opportunities to raise this issue – the school catalogue is not the right forum.

Luckily, the photo quickly gained viral fame after feminist television personality, Clara Henry, retweeted their photo, stirring up an intense Twitter storm.
So, far, Petterson has said that she has gotten a lot of mixed feelings about the unorthodox yearbook picture, tweeting that she has “received a lot of hatred but much, much more love from people”. She also added that she will continue to have this issue raised and attempt to break the taboo associated with women and periods.

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