10 Life Lessons We Learned From Brooke Davis

One Tree Hill – a show that premiered 12 years ago today (yes, really) – may have been billed as a show about Nathan and Lucas Scott, but anyone who watched the show through its entirely will tell ya: Brooke Davis became the heart of the show.
When the show premiered, Brooke was a spoiled popular girl who kind of ruined everything, but she grew into a smart, successful, intensely kind woman who would drop everything to help others and always did the right thing. Any girl who watched her character unfold undoubtedly learned a few things from the beloved B. Davis, including but not limited to:

1. ‘Love’ doesn’t always have to be romantic love.

Anyone who watched One Tree Hill‘s fifth season knows that Brooke found herself with a wildly successful company, a bunch of famous friends…and no one to love. She had everything but was lonely and unhappy, and she desperately wanted some love in her life. But she didn’t necessarily crave a boyfriend – actually, what she wanted was a baby. She showed us that when you feel the need for some love in your life, you can find that love in so many different places.

2. True friends can forgive each other anything.

Brooke and her bestie, Peyton Sawyer, went through a lot with one another. I mean, they both fell head over heels for the same guy! But no matter how angry they were with one another or what awful words were exchanged, Brooke and Peyton’s friendship always survived.

3. Just because one guy hurt you, doesn’t mean they all will.

Brooke was understandably closed off to love for a long, long time after Lucas Scott broke her heart. She pushed most guys away until she found Julian, her eventual husband, who stood by her no matter what. Julian also had a past with Peyton, who ended up with Brooke’s first love, Lucas, but history didn’t repeat itself when Julian decided Brooke was the one for him.

4. You have to fight for what you believe is right.

Remember when Victoria wanted to put an emaciated model on the cover of Brooke’s magazine? Brooke shut that down immediately because no matter how many copies the images would have sold, she just was not comfortable putting that image out into the world. This is something we can also learn from Sophia Bush, the woman who played Brooke. She is also an incredible person.

5. People can change.

Brooke wasn’t the nicest girl in high school but she quickly became the substantial, brave woman who would foster a sick child and take in a rebellious teenager. Teenage Brooke wasn’t bad by any means, she was just a little lost. Adult Brooke, on the other hand? An amazing, amazing woman. It’s not so much that she changed, she just discovered her own moral core.

6. No matter how badly you want a relationship to work, sometimes it’s just not right.

Lucas and Brooke had some truly sweet moments as a couple….but I never rooted for them together. They just seemed like they weren’t quite right for one another, despite the fact that they tried to make it work several times. Watching Brooke struggle to figure out why she couldn’t fully capture his heart really spoke to me. It wasn’t that she was not good enough for him, it’s just that they didn’t have that incredibly deep connection he had with Peyton.

7. Heartbreak can be an incredibly powerful motivator.

Time and time again, Brooke found herself channeling heartbreak into making great things happen. After all, Clothes Over Bros, the company that made her a millionaire, was started in the wake of another failed attempt between Brooke and Lucas.

8. It’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Brooke cried in basically every episode of the later seasons of the show. But you know what? It just made us love her even more. She was at her most captivating in her most emotional moments – who could forget that epic “why won’t you ever just let me all the way in?” speech?

9. Wonderful things happen when you least expect them.

Like when Brooke found out she was pregnant even thought it wasn’t possible and I totally cried a little bit.

10. You are enough.

And don’t ever forget it.

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