Pizza Is The Most Popular Food On Instagram

Forget about epic food porn pics of cupcakes and macaroons – the newly crowned favorite food of Instagram users has absolutely nothing to do with dessert. According to Vice, pizza has become the most photographed food on the photo-sharing app.
Chef Alessio Mecozzi teamed up with PR firm Klaus Davi to conduct the Italian study that crowned pizza as the winner. Out of the 300 million food photos that were uploaded on Instagram, 17 million included #pizza in their caption. Sushi came in as a close second, followed by pasta. Out all the places in the world, the location where pizza was the most popular was not in its Italian birthplace, but the second place widely known for their pizza pies, New York. Over 6 percent of the pizza photos that were uploaded came from the Big Apple, compared to the 2 percent in Italy.

With countless memes all over the Internet, it’s no surprise that pizza has reigned supreme in the food world. It doesn’t hurt that it look delicious on top of tasting heavenly. As a foodie, all I’ve gotta say is keep the pizza pics coming!
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