30 Thoughts You Have Every Time You Go To Chipotle

Chipotle, the food of the gods. There’s just something about how good the food taste that makes you wait in extra long lines for something you could easily make at home. We plan our day around it and  defend that it’s “healthy eating.” Here are 30 thoughts we all have while we’re waiting in line at Chipotle.
Chipotle1. I hope the line isn’t wrapped around the whole damn place.
2. I wonder if the chips going to be extra limey today?
3. Is he really going to ask for a cup of water and fill it up with soda?
4. Should I get the guac on the side?
5. Burrito or bowl?
6. Let me rehearse my order. ‘Hi can I get a burrito bowl with white rice, chicken, and black beans?’
7. Whys is this place so expensive? Like, can I get a military discount?
8. Thank goodness for this coupon right now. Buy one get one free!
9. Literally about to faint from how hungry I am.
10. Thank goodness! It’s finally my turn to order.
11. She did not just give me that little a** scoop of rice. ‘Excuse me? Can I get another scoop? Thank you!’
12. As always, no where to f-ing sit.
13. Should I be fat and get a side of chips?
14. I wonder if they remember me.
15. Pico de Gallo is not “mild.” Why do you even call it that? It’s just tomatoes and onions. Nothing “mild” about that.
16. Do I want to want to spend the extra cash on an actual fountain drink? Nah.
17. I hope they forget to charge me for the guac.
18. *Watches them cut the chicken* Please don’t cut your finger, please don’t cut your finger!
19. The person behind me is standing way too close.
20. Is he really going to finish that burrito?
21. I wonder if people really get the tofu?
22. Yes, I know guac is extra.
23. I think I’m going to get it to-go so I can watch Netflix while I eating.
24. Should I try something new? Nope. Not today.
25. I don’t even know what all they have to offer because I always get the same thing.
26. Who the hell comes to Chipotle and orders a salad?
27. I hope they bring out some fresh lettuce before I get up there.
28. Let me get my card ready.
29. I’m surprised the line moved so fast!
30. I can’t wait for the first bite.

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