Baby Pope Has Everyone (Including Pope Francis) Cracking Up

Pope Francis visiting the United States was a big deal. If my Catholic School upbringing didn’t tell me that, I could tell because in New York City there was a woman who sat outside 7-Eleven selling dolls of the Pope and traffic was a mother-youknowwhat. That’s bigger than One Direction being in town – just ask Baby Pope, aka young Quinn Madden, the Pope’s biggest (yet, smallest) fangirl.
quinn madden baby pope
When Pope Francis left NYC for Philadelphia, Madden’s parents knew they’d catch the attention of the pontiff with a clever outfit on their adorable little one. As he headed down Ben Franklin Parkway on Saturday, Pope Francis caught sight of his mini-me and let out a visible chuckle. A member of his security team brought the little girl up to Pope Francis to be kissed, then he had a special message for the parents: they have a good sense of humor.
Next question: How does one get the job of being the Pope’s designated baby-bringer?

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