Photographic Evidence That Coconut Head From 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide' Actually Has Great Hair

Reset the clock: It has been __0__ days since a former child star has stunned us with their wicked good looks. This time, it’s Coconut Head, the unsung hero of Nickelodeon’s show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. Although the tween hit followed Ned and his two bestie Moze and Cookie for the most part, secondary characters like Coconut Head stole the show. Who doesn’t have that kid at school that everyone knows by a distinguishable feature like a truly tragic haircut?
Turns out in the eight years since we last saw the gang at James K. Polk Middle School, a lot has changed…particularly Coconut Head’s hair. Not only does actor Rob Pinkston not have a horrendous bowl cut, but his hair is actually gorgeous. It looks soft and perfected parted and…I just want to touch it.

According to his Facebook page, Pinkston and his lucious locks are living in Los Angeles with a degree in film and TV directing. Isn’t it lovely to know Coconut Head could be behind your next favorite television show?
Let’s just be glad he didn’t actually end up like this…

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Coconut Head's 26th Birthday

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