Nick Jonas & Kate Hudson Might Be Hooking Up?!

Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson may be a thing. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, you are thinking of the correct celebrities, and yes, it’s very weird. TMZ released pictures of the two hanging out at Disney World on Saturday, and Kate went to his show at the House of Blues later that night. If that wasn’t enough to get us all wondering, on Sunday they were seen at brunch together. According to TMZ and Us Weekly, the pair have hooked up, but aren’t officially dating.
This entire situation seems very weird, but we all have to remember their common link: Nick Jonas stars alongside Kate’s younger brother Oliver on Scream Queens, who play’s Grace’s dad. We can only assume that the pair met through him, but it is still something that we will probably never understand. The pair seems so random and their thirteen year age difference – Kate is 36 and Nick is 23 – is the least shocking thing about it.
Nick did always act about 40, and he looks damn good right now, so I get it, Kate. Good for the both of you.

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