When Her Boyfriend Chooses FIFA Over Her, This Girl Responds With An Epic Burn

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You know how guys are with video games, and you know how they are with sports, so it should be no surprise the new version of FIFA for Xbox became a priority for many when it was released last week. Bradley, 20, was one of those guys. He took to Twitter to let his girlfriend Danni, 18, know that after dating for 15 months, she was going to take a backseat to his new love.

Bye Danni pic.twitter.com/FcQr0Bz6Qi

— Bradley (@BradleyMeasor) September 24, 2015

Danni wasn’t going to let that fly.

Bradley’s girlfriend responded with an epic burn for all of Twitter to see.

@BradleyMeasor Bye Brad pic.twitter.com/5MXOnaSMn7

— Danni Bishopp (@dannibishopp) September 24, 2015

Perfection. 8.2 thousand people have retweeted the burn.

Have fun with your silly little video game, Brad!

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