Artist Says Forever 21 Stole His Design & Put It On A Crop Top

Your favorite place to buy cheap yet cute clothes might go down a few notches in your book after you see this.
Sam Larson is an artist based in Portland, Oregon who earns his living freelancing and selling his designs at his personal online store, Steel Bison. However, Larson recently found out that a design almost identical to one he made two years ago had suddenly appeared on a crop top at Forever 21.
wild crop top forever 21
Naturally, he was outraged. “It’s gut wrenching to see my art turned into a product without any permission to try to profit from. It’s just wrong,” he told Buzzfeed.

Sam took to Instagram to make it known what Forever 21 had done, putting the two designs side-by-side and making it very clear that besides turning the “i” into an arrow, F21 completely ripped off his work.

His post gained over 11,000 likes on Instagram, and supporters are calling out Forever 21 using the hashtag #paysamlarson.

A spokesperson for Forever 21 told BuzzFeed News they couldn’t comment on the matter due to pending litigation.

It’s unclear if Larson will be filing a lawsuit, but it wouldn’t be the first time the chain has been accused of copyright or trademark infringements. Just this past July, one was filed by rival clothing company H&M for a tote bag that reads “Beach Please.”

forever 21 h&m lawsuit tote bag beach please
What do you think? Is Forever 21 just a big copycat or are the designs just similar?

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