10 Totally Raunchy Pick-Up Lines Every Girl Should Try At Least Once

What girl hasn’t been hit on with some corny one liner?
“What’s your sign?”
“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
“How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.”
*Insert multiple eye roll emoji here*

According to my informal study of observing friends at the bar, stereotypical pick-up lines have a very low success rate. So why do they still exist? Because it’s a conversation starter with a stranger. Maybe asking a girl for a map because you’re lost in her eyes won’t get a guy laid, but at least he’s having some fun (with an assist from his bud Jack Daniels, of course).
Guys don’t get to have all the fun. Next time you match with a hottie on Tinder or see a cute guy across the bar, catch his attention with these pick-up lines. Fair warning, they’re a little raunchy…so down a shot or two and get your flirt on.
At very least, you’re going to see some very amusing faces of shock.

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